My personal assistant

I have been blogging and traveling a lot this year...and I have become "more" organized. I would call it a boon that I was able to do both with the help of my sincere "personal assistant" whom I do not pay any fees or salary except feed some food everyday. 

My tablet has been my personal assistant (PA) or call an all time companion, which I take along with me during the daily commute to office,, during long flights, waiting at the airport lounge or even for bus or train. I even use it at home than switching on my laptop. I would say that it is the wonderful invention post smart phones. My everyday routine has been a way simpler and have been able to complete tasks and relax.

I wake up as the Alarm clock ticks in the morning playing aloud the Suprabhata. As I open my eyes slowly, I check the Daily Weather forecast for the day. I brush my teeth and exercise, sometimes referring to the youtube videos on tablet, placed on the chair with pillows. I bath and get ready and offer prayers to the almighty reciting the hymns and mantras like Hanuman Chalisa and Vishnu Sahasranama apps. 
Resting the tablet on lap and reading the e-newspaper on Flipboard, check the stock market, as I sip the coffee. In the kitchen, I take my tablet and place it against the wall, worrying it might fall, and browse recipes for lunch. Having prepared the lunch, I click the pictures of the food and make the notes of the recipe using Evernote app. 

When I am bored, I turn on the music on my tablet and listen to it while I can still multitask: reading ebooks, click,edit and browse pictures, browse internet, draw doodles, even watch movies and TV serials. I also download and play games like Angry Birds and Temple Run. Enroll to a Mass Open Online Course from the top universities and watch the lectures.      

When I have to commute within the city, I look up the Google maps for directions and the bus timings and transit. And when I have to catch up for coffee , lunch or dinner, I check on Foursquare for nearby restaurants and malls.

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