The first impression

He was an intelligent guy. He was admired by his friends and the girls at the college had crush on him. 
She was a beautiful and a shy girl. She was so shy but studious that she would never bunk the class or even gossip with her friends. Her daily routine was coming to college, attend the lectures and back home.

He would look at her admiring her charming face without her notice and she would look at him before he noticed. It was during the Chemistry class, their eyes caught each other and saw the expression of embarrassment. Days passed and they would look at each other. When he was absent, she would panic thinking what had happened to him. When he was back recovering from illness after few days, she would be happy to see him. A smart good looking boy he was, well-dressed and clean shaven. The shy girl who never spoke to guys, deeply in love with him. 

When he proposed, she blushed and he smiled. They met at a coffee club on their first date. When he asked her what was it, that impressed her the most about him. She blushed looking at him without an answer. 

My clean shaven look bowled her over, he thought. 

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  1. Simple... truthful... and nicely expressed.

    Arvind Passey


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