Watch me on Kannada Suvarna

Last year, this time, the owner of parlour I used to visit regularly was happy to see my long black thick hair that made her happier that I hadn't chopped them at all! She was invited by Kannada Suvarna TV Channel to host styling for long and short hair on Suhasini program. She wanted someone with a long hair and there I was! Call it a boon or a curse, maintaining a hip long hair is a tough task which requires baby care while others eye and compliment that its hard to find girls with such long hair these days. 

I sat on the chair while the hair dresser styled and set my hair which took around an hour and half. I am sure her hands and fingers would've ached but the efforts were worth it. I can never imagine myself doing such a lovely hairstyle. 

The episode was telecast-ed during the noon in Jan 2013 and I missed watching myself on the TV. Here is the Youtube version in 3 parts. 

Do you have long or short hair and what styling you prefer?

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