Corona Chandelier

Ever seen a Chandelier made of Corona Extras? I was amused to see them at Madmex, the Mexican fast food at Melbourne and couldn't stop myself clicking these pictures.



Corona Chandelier at Madmex
 If you're in any part of Australia, don't miss to see these Corona Chandelier at Madmex and taste the yummy nachos with the hot salsa. 

Travel Pillow

My first international travel was long and tiring one. I do not sleep during the travel but read a book or watch a movie. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep, my neck would turn right and left causing a sprain whilst I woke up!

I chose to buy a soft travel pillow and found a good deal on ebay along with eye mask and ear cushions. If you're looking for a cushion to your neck, I reckon you buy this.