The Twists and Twirls

All of us, worry about our looks. Before we start from home, we look at ourselves at the long mirrors, staring and thinking, "Am I looking good or not in this dress, is my makeup alright, is my hairstyle matching with the formals..."

I have a long hair and the girls with long hair are always advised to maintain the hair braided the reason being, there are chances of losing hair due to Buri nazar or drishti, "OMG, you have such long hair.." And the nazar always has an effect on your hair when it begins to shred.. and you realize the importance of long hair. I still haven't figured out how to get rid of buri nazar to my long hair. grrrrrrr...

Blessed with a long hair is not only an asset to any gal but guys do love to grow long hair. ;) When you have a long lengthy hair, you face daily problem of oily scalp, dandruff, tangles and what not. Yet, you love to spend time massaging the scalp, sit and relax flipping the magazine pages during the hair spa, shopping for the best hair sprays and trying out the back combing or blow dry.

Twirling the edges of hair to grab someone's attention or running fingers when thinking too deep. All in all, you would love your hair, be it long or short and play around it, twisting and twirling. Take every possible inch of care to protect it from buri nazar and to protect from hair fall, maintain a smooth, silky and shiny hair, try Dove Nourishing Vita Oil Serum. #DovePlay

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