Smile the smell away

We often come around the situation which is difficult to handle especially with the people with least hygiene factors. I have come across many such people and situations which are too difficult to handle, people with the oral problem or people with bad odors. grrr.... These people might be our own friends or colleagues and it is too difficult to stay around the smelly situation.

People love to be appraised and appreciated when they wear a good perfume or a nice makeup. But a bad comment is what it hurts the most especially telling someone that they smell bad..! ***rolling eyes*** You must be aware that you will certainly land in trouble saying so! and even spoil your relationship with them..

I remember a real incident which is worth sharing on how you deal with the smelly people. There was this colleague A~ who was a bit workaholic and would stay late at office to complete the work, being a bachelor. He would have no time to gym during the hectic schedule and then go home, eat and sleep.

The company was located outskirts and the only means of commuting to work was by company bus, which would start sharp 6:30 am. In the cold and chill climate like in Bangalore, anyone would turn lazy to wake up so early, brush & bath and get ready and board the bus at 6:30..! Mr. A would wake up late, would brush his teeth but bad no time to bath. But somehow he managed to board the bus.

Mr A~'s routine changed completely due to work, to an extent that he had become "dadiwala" with a beard and long hair, that you could braid them. Once a smart looking guy had turned Devdas, and the girls in this team whom they admired and had secret crush, slowly started feeling disgusted seeing his appearance and smelly odors. Not only girls, even guys started noticing his shabby appearance. They started to ignore him for breakfast, lunch and evening chai  and table tennis. The only unavoidable situation was the team meeting in the conf room which made the whole team suffocate in the closed AC room.

The meeting was for 30 minutes but went on and on ... more than 90 minutes. Now the smell was totally unbearable and the situation was totally .. ... Slowly, one by one, stood from their seats and started to walk off giving some or the other reason. There was this newbie beautiful girl who was the only one in the conf room, she asked  A~, "Its too suffocating here.Whats this pungent smell?" A~ was Speechless.

He left the office early and bought #Racold and had a hot water shower after weeks and he felt blessed. The next day at office, everyone was surprised to see his clean shaven and trimmed hair and perfume. The newbie girl was happy to see him this way and blushed.

Now A~ baths twice everyday, in the morning and evening which is his latest routine. He is also thankful, he found his Ms. Beautiful.