Maharashtrian "Nath" nosepin

I have developed a liking for traditional jewelry of all states and collect whatever lies within my budget, these days.

I saw this beautiful nose pin called "Nath" in Marathi which is worn by every Maharashtrian bride during the wedding. Not only during the wedding, women wear it during the auspicious function and festivals also. Here are a few pics of the Bollywood celebrities wearing the "nath"

Madhuri Dixit wearing "nath"

Juhi Chawla wearing "nath" and the traditional "Lakshmi coin" haar.

Isha Koppikar
Rani Mukherjee wearing Maharashtrian "nath" and traditional Nauvari saree
My Maharashtrian Nath

I decided to buy this beautiful piece of jewelry, whether I get a chance to wear it or not, I own it. It has pink colored stone in the middle with the pearls surrounded and a pressing one which can be worn without pierced nose.

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