Singapore Flyer

Singapore Flyer is one the attraction in the heart of Singapore situated close to the Gardens by the Bay and Chinese Garden. It is a giant wheel kind of which moves very slowly unlike the other giant wheels which speed up fast in the air. One could get the best view of the entire city from the Flyer. I was on the Flyer at 9:30 PM, the last schedule, along with few Japanese girls. Here are few pictures taken on my iPhone and DSLR camera. The entire ride lasts for 30 minutes.

More details can be found here:

Marina Bay Sands Tower

Gardens by the Bay

View of the City

Another tall building and the calm roads

How the Singapore Flyer cabin looks

View from the top: Parking lot

Marina Bay Sands Tower, Museum and the buildings

Gardens by the Bay

Shops at the entrance of the Singapore Flyer building

Singapore Flyer View at night


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