Ramayana-The Game of Life Shattered Dreams Book 2

Ramayana-The Game of Life Shattered Dreams Book 2
Author : Shubha Vilas
Publisher : Jaico Books
Price : Rs 350.
Pages : 387

Shubha Vilas has authored the book Ramayana-The Game of Life - Rise of the Sun Price, which is his first published book and is a National Bestseller. unfortunately, I haven't got a chance to read his first book but had a chance to read his second book. The book has been written in a detailed manner which emphasize on minute details which I have never come across. Say Ravana was earlier called Dasagriva and how he pleases Lord Bhola Shankar and manages to get his boon fulfilled. It is also interesting to know how peacock rescued Lord Indra of Devlok and how it was blessed by the Lord, with beautiful bluish green feathers that resemble Indra's Thousand eyes. There are instances where Ravana and his son Indrajit obtain boon from Lord Brahma in a smart way; another instance where Narada Muni goes to Ravana and asks him to pray Lord Vishnu which angers Ravana and takes his sword to kill him. The interesting part is how Ravana attacks the Lord of Death, Yama, and Brahma comes to his rescue. There are many narrations which we have never heard of or even aware of, which we learn reading this book. the author has carefully crafted this book that he has mentioned superscript numbering on every page and a detailed information at the bottom of the page explaining what exactly it means. What I liked the most at the end of every page is that, it has tiny image of pair of wooden wood, worn by Lord Rama. This image is seen at all temples where devotees bow down and seek the Almighty's blessing.

The author has penned down in such a way that you wouldn't close the book until you are done with the complete 387 pages. Though, its not the usual romantic novel nor a science fiction, Hindu mythology has been written in a very pleasing way and with excellent English vocabulary. I would definitely look forward to reading his books in future.

verdict : 4.5/5

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