Trendy Ceramic Watches

After the advent of the smart phones, people of all ages prefer looking at mobile phones every now and then to check the time, than looking at their watches. In fact, people no longer buy or wear the wrist watch.
Fossil Ceramic watch

Fossil Ceramic watch
I have a huge collection of wrist watches ranging from all brands, leather, stainless steel or ceramic watch. Fossil 10 ATM is my first ceramic watch which I bought 3 years ago when the price of ceramic watch was high and these watches were introductory. I preferred this watch as it doesn't require to change strap unlike the leather ones, doesn't leave patch on the skin but delicate to handle. If you drop it, then you break it.

Colorbar Ultimate Mousse Foundation Cafe Misto 002

I have been using the Colorbar Ultimate Mousse Foundation Cafe Misto 002 for more than a month and chose to buy this product from Colorbar though the brand has made its entry in India, few years ago.

Price: Rs 725

Weight: 15 grams

Shelf life: 3 years

I have been using the Mousse for more than a month and must say, it blends very well with the skin. It is non-greasy, oil free and water-resistant. If you sweat or plan to swim, your makeup still remains good until you wash it.

The best things I loved about this product is that, it is light, gives a great Matt finishing, and natural look. It does not leave any fine lines. I would highly recommend this mousse for a daily wear.

Verdict: 4.5/5