Spatika Mala :: Quartz crystals

Spatika Mala is a necklace made of the transparent quartz consisting of 108+1 quartz. Spatika Mala has a great importance to Hindus especially while offering prayers to the favorite deities. The beads are counted one by one and prayer is chanted until you complete counting all the beads. Spatika Mala is similar to rosaries used by Christian s while praying.

The Mala which I have been using past 8 years and was gifted by my beloved father. I use it daily while chanting mantras and wear it across my neck.

Spatika Mala is mainly relates to spirituality and used during meditation. When you touch the Spatika mala , it is very cold and when worn across the neck, it is said to absorb body heat and make the person cool, reduces anger, keeps the blood pressure under control, increases concentration makes the mind calm.

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