Super mom

Mothers are special gifts God has created. They have great patience and ability to make their children happy at the risk of making any sacrifice. Right from the time I was in her womb and till now, she has been a great mentor, a friend and a guide. I, sometimes, wonder how much patience she has to tolerate somethings. How much stress she handles with ease, with a smile on her face; without letting any of family members down.

While I was at school and college, she would help me with my homework, make sure I was well prepared for the exams and did not forget to take hall ticket along, pens were filled with ink, I arrive the exam hall without any tension, eat & sleep well the day before the exam. She would even skip going to family functions and stop watching TV, since it would disturb me. If I stayed awake for long time, she would accompany me so that I don't get bored studying alone. She would console me if I did not do the exam well. She prayed to the almighty that I score well in my exams and always wanted to see her daughter happy.

As I completed my engineering and begun to work, she would ensure, I eat regularly on time, never skip the food due to work.
She would call me at regular intervals to ensure that I am not overloaded with work nor worry too much about it.

In 2011, it was the first time I lived away from my family, 5,585 miles down under, in a continent country, she would constantly worry if I was safe, if I had adjusted to the new lifestyle, if I was fit and healthy in such harsh climate where the temperature would drop to 1 degree. She would listen to me with patience while I spoke to her for long hours while I described how clean the city was and my excitement seeing the trams, which would run for free, without having to buy any ticket.

She has been a pillar of strength, when father passed away. Though, it is hard to overcome the sadness and emotions losing a life partner to whom you've been bonded for past forty four years.

Mom, you have always been my idol and bestie. Being a woman, we face hardships in life and patience is most important. I am confident, I would overcome the hurdles of any size when you're with me.

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