Kolhapuri Thushi

 I was in Kolhapuri during VaraMahaLakshmi festival, which is celebrated in a great grandeur in South India. It is believed that you would never suffer from lack of wealth, or fame, when you worship the goddess with utmost devotion.I consider myself lucky to have visited the Goddess on this auspicious day. The moment you hear Kolhapur, the first thing which passes your mind are the elegant Kolhapuri chappals or footwear, followed by the traditional Thushi, traditional necklace worn by every Mararashtrian women.Thushi is mainly from goldsmith from Kolhapur.

Kolhapuri Thushi with Pearls
Kolhapuri Thushi with Pearl Earrings

Kolhapuri Thushi with pearl and corals along with Pearl Earrings

Gifted by my dad 15 years ago. Have preserved this carefully.

 If you're visiting Kolhapur, then never forget to gift yourself and loved ones, the traditional Thushi, which are available in large variety of designs. Thushi consists of small golden colorl beads, with a pink dollar or with pearls and corals. The golden beads with black beads are worn by married women.

I bought four Thushi's for myself and matching earrings during my last visit to Kolhapur. Care should be taken not to spray perfume, deodorant or water since the golden color may vanish.

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