MaxFreshMove with Mr. Perfect

What do you do while you drive daily to work in the slow moving traffic or while you occupy window seat on the bus or local train, counting the taller buildings than the number of green trees. When you jog or run in the park, with the ear phones so tightly plugged into your ears and the high tempo beats outstanding the silence.

Music and dance have always been rejuvenating and relaxes the mind and the body when you dance or sing, no matter how bad you're at it. Step 1, step 2... shake your hands and toes on the floor and never miss the beat.

Few years ago, my Telugu speaking friends introduced the songs from Aarya-2, Mr Perfect and Ringa Ringa, which have been huge hits of all times. No matter you watch a Telugu dance show or an orchestra at a wedding, people who don't understand the lyrics, dance at his tune.

I am blogging for #MaxFreshMove activity at Are you?

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