Nioxin Hair System Kit :: Review

Hello everyone,

I have been using the Nioxin Hair System Kit for my long hair for a month and this post is continuation of my earlier post. The Nioxin Hair System Kit contains a pack of
1. Cleanser Shampoo
2. Scalp Revitalizer
3. Scalp Treatment

After attending Nioxin product launch program at BodyCraft, Koramangala where the professionals explained - how to use procedure, here is my take on the product on Hair System 5 for Medium to Coarse hair.

Step 1:

Unlike the traditional shampoos, at least the ones that I have used for my long hair, Nioxin Cleanser Shampoo, is transparent in color and produces less lather - a reason why I liked it. Rinse and wash your hair thoroughly.

Step 2:

Now, apply the Scalp Revitalizer, to the apply and the hair. Unlike the traditional conditioners which are applied only to the hair, Nioxin's approach is different in hair care.

Step 3:

Having conditioned the hair, now spray the Scalp Treatment to the the Scalp and gently rub the Scalp so that it evenly distributed.

You can either dry your hair with a towel or a hair dryer. For best results, you can blow dry or even straighten your hair. It would take a lot of time to perform the latter and my arm would ache, I prefer to dry my hair with the hair dryer.

I have been using the kit for 4 weeks, 2-3 times a week and I see that the hair fall has reduced. Not only the hair fall reduced, the volume has along increased and hair seems to be as light as a feather, though it is dense! Moreover, my hair has become soft and I see that the dandruff, which was a major problem has reduced a lot. 150ml is sufficient for 2-3 usages in a span of 4 weeks.

I strongly reckon this product who love to see voluminous hair and those would want to overcome the hair fall problem.

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