Shanka Pola Bangles

Shanka Pola Bangles are of "High" importance in the Hindu Bengali Wedding. They signify the marital status of a Bengali woman.

Shanka means Conch Shell and Pola means red coral. SHANKA bangles are beautifully carved and are available with gold designs. While, Pola, also pronounce, Paula, are the red corals bangles but due to the ban on the Coral species, the red plastic bangles are being used as substitute. Pola bangles are also available with gold designs.

These are the pair of Shanka Pola Bangles my friend bought all the way from Kolkata. The Shanka Pola Bangles are purchased from local shop and are made of plastic. They have the beautifully engraved peacock. Bengali jewelerry have intrinsic designs which draws everyone's attention.

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