Dharbaranyeswarar Temple :: Thirunallar

Thirunallar, located in Puducherry or earlier called Pondicherry, is a famous town known for Lord Shani and Shiva Temple. The temple has devotees visiting all round the year, especially on Saturdays and one has to wait for 3-4 hours in the queue to see the deity. It is believed as per Hindu myth, people who have their saade saati or Lord Shani's cycle going on, are advised to visit the temple to reduce or ward off the ill effects. It is said, Lord Nala Maharaja, got Moksha or salvation post visiting this temple.
Way to Nala Theertham

Dance with Dhamaka

You cannot stop tapping your feet at some tunes though you wish to get up and dance. Sometimes, we are so conscious that we hesitate to dance in front of others. Or we don't know how to dance and afraid others would laugh and make fun at us. Watch this new music video, Tazgi ka Dhamaka, starring Allu Arjun and DJ Anushka Manchanda, who make everyone dance at their tune, no matter you are trained dancer or not. Hands up, feet on the floor and you are all set to be the rock star of the evening. While Anushka sings, Allu Arjun dances, the music video is mind blowing and you realize the freshness all around you.

Here are the screenshots of the steps that impressed me the most. Allu Arjun's entry jumping off the the roof and makes an entry to the wedding hall bringing all the taaza freshness with him. 

Mann lagake nacho

What's a wedding without a dhamaka, nach, shor and pataka. Come, lets join Anushka Manchanda and Allu Arjun, who try to keep the audience lively during the Marathi wedding ceremony with their high tempo song and dance. Musical tunes create freshness all around and we see everyone happy dancing at their own pace.

This is a new ad from Colgate, Tazgi ka Dhamaka, where dhoom dhamaka is created from the tazgi, the freshness. Apart from tazgi ka dhamakar, we also have the couple of musical hits which make the audience dance, no matter you can dance or not, they just dance, during the baaraat.

The sweet golden diet

All of us want to look perfect and often follow, the slimmer the better. We dream of wearing best clothes with slim fit and follow what not to achieve it. The most diet routine was the GM diet which was introduced by the employee of General Motors and everyone began following it. The craze of losing weight is common among women of all age to the cost of skipping healthy meals, eating less. The day I started GM diet, I begun to faint. The term 'diet' is often misunderstood that, only have to achieve slimmer look than having healthy food with proteins, vitamins, fat and carbohydrates. Too much intake of one over the other will have adverse effect on our body. Our everyday meal should include balanced diet with milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables.

Morning walk, aerobics, work out at the gym or sports of any kind, helps in shedding down the calories and we tend to avoid the high calorific food like potato chips, ice creams, smoothies, thinking that it would act as a spoil sport adding on to the calories which was burned down during the work out. Over the few years, I have become so calories conscious that I avoided adding sugar to coffee and tea and drink the strong coffee which had milk and coffee powder and even switched to green tea. I stopped having fruit juices outside which had high content of sugar and put a big No No to coca cola, Pepsi, fanta and frooti, that are rich in sugar. Eating ice cream or smoothie was once in an year! I would miss them a lot but to gain something, you have to lose something.

I came across Dabur Honey, which has been highly recommended by many fitness freaks for those who want to stay fit without having to give up the favorite food I always relished. Dabur recommends very simple procedure like adding honey instead of sugar. You can add sugar over the fruits as topping, same goes with smoothie. Add sugar to the hot water along with the lemon, stir it well and drink in the morning on empty stomach. This method has been followed by many and proved to be beneficial. Moreover, it hardly takes any time to prepare and can be a part of daily routine. I sometimes add honey to the hot lemon tea and it tastes yummy. The honey acts as a catalyst when we are trying to shed the weight.

It is also believed among old people that, when honey is fed to the new born everyday, it sharpens their tongue and the speech and pronunciation becomes perfect during their childhood.

Overall, the benefits of eating honey has a a great benefit in our daily routine. I have started my sweet golden diet with Dabur Honey, have you? #HoneyDietIsHere

Faster with UC Browser

In our country, cricket is followed as a religious and whenever there is a cricket match going on, no one dares to miss it, especially the World Cup or even tri series. You name the match and there are fans who support the players all time, good or bad. Cricket, in our country, is much infectious than any cold or cough. :P You wouldn't mind skipping meals, go sleepless, bunk classes and even miss your exams and we women, wouldn't mind missing the hair spas for the sake of cricket. Though, there are Televisions everywhere these days, be it at a bus stand, railway station and even the companies these days arrange for large LED TV's at the cafeteria so that the employees could watch the cricket match wholeheartedly without any regret of missing the score. :) How sweet is that! But one cannot afford to sit at the cafeteria and watch the match whole day leaving the work and one cannot afford to take a day off and watch the cricket match at home. Mom would ask, 'No work at office? How come taken a day off today!' Sometimes, I would feel, if I had to take a day off and watch the match on my big LED TV at home, then why not go to the stadium and watch along with friends.

The smart phones play an important role in everyone's life. With just a click, touch, you can actually take a tour of Melbourne Cricket Ground without having to book a flight to Australia. While travelling, watching the match becomes very handy. Unlike few years ago, when we used to refresh the sports page only to get the score. http://www.ucweb.com/ with its innovative technology has made it easier for the sports lover, I would rather emphasize on the "Cricket" lovers to watch the match without any interruptions. I have downloaded the UC Browser on my smart device and must say that, watching the high speed live video streaming, is truly a bliss. The streaming is very quick and does not lag unlike the other browsers. You could watch the match, get the latest scores using UC Cricket and other updates. Here is a quick video on how fast the UC Browser works and our Yuvaraj Singh looks happy using the UC Browser as well.

Now, my worry about never missing a live score or watching few clips of the match on TV,which was already over, are all gone. With the high speed browser, I will be more than happy to watch the upcoming match on the smart device no matter at office or while on trek or travel. Happy to see such innovations coming up and making the cricket fans life even more easier.

The healthy beautiful hair

During my primary school days, my father introduced me to reading habit. As a result, I begun reading short stories from Lady Bird edition. Whenever I would visit the library, my attention was caught by cover page, Rapuzel with long hair and I wished to grow my hair longer. Out of curiosity I borrowed the book which was full of colorful pictures and as a kid, fell in love with the book. :D Each time, I wondered, Rapunzel's hair was not only long but very healthy such that her price charming would climb to the top of the tower holding on to her long hair as if it was a rope.

As I grew older, maintaining long hair become tough. I would follow the home remedies and avoid going to the parlor which use the chemical products in turn damaging my hair. Hair Straightening, blow drying, coloring, using compb with narrow tooth and not massaging Scalp with oil, are all the primary causes of hair fall. I came across this nice set of articles by P&G on their website rewardme.in  It is not only important to have a long hair, it is also important to have a healthy hair. Tips for healthy hair throughout the year. I found this link which emphasis on maintaining healthy hair and measures to be taken when you witness hair loss or dandruff.  Why I love this article the most compared to the other ones? It is because it focuses on what's affecting our hair on daily basis and how we tend to ignore or take the small tips for granted, which protect the hair in a long run.

I used to swim a lot, but not anymore, the reason because, the chlorinated water causes hair fall and greying. I begun to massage my hair with hot coconut oil and wear a swimming cap which reduced both. How do you protect your beautiful hair against the harmful UV rays during the summer.

I play lot of sports and after the work out, I find sweat all over Scalp and the solution is to braid it loose or pony tail not being too tight. The main culprit which causes the damaged hair is using the tools like a Straightener and curler and not to forget the hair dryer of higher capacity say 2000 watts.

Earlier, I used a narrow toothed comb which resulted in hair fall while I tried to remove the tangles. Always use wide toothed comb which is much safer.

Over washing your hair can also remove the natural oil. Try not to wash too frequently, not more than 2-3 times a week.

The split ends often make the hair look ugly and a better way to tackle is trimming the ends on a regular basis.

Last but not the least, eat healthy food that are rich in proteins like egg and vegetables. And sleep well leaving behind the tensions and worries.

I know its hard to switch from some habits but its not impossible. It goes without saying, you would have fine healthy hair and someone saying

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

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Hair is the richest ornament of women

The hair is the richest ornament of women.
~Martin Luther

How apt is the above saying. Yes, we women consider the long hair as the the precious gift. And we definitely worry when we lose or start losing that precious. Lengthy hair is definitely a boon and maintaining a long hair, is a lifetime challenge. It makes me happy when known or unknown compliment, 'You have such a long hair'. I reply to them, 'Gee, thanks :).'

Most of us are particular choosing the Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, spa parlour and hair styles and end up buying based on word of mouth advise or seeing reviews on internet. I came across this wonderful website from P&G for hair care, rewardme.in, with a huge range of tips and coverage for dandruff control, spa treatment, to control the spilt end, home remedies. the website offers more than 150 tried and tested procedures along with video tutorials which makes learning easier. 

Initially, I had to book an  appointment at a salon and wait for long hours to get my hair styled for an occasion, paying huge money to the parlour and end up paying credit card bills. To get rid of this eventually, I would spend hours together searching for tutorials on YouTube which had step by step instructions to style long hair without needing anyone's help. But the time required to search and chose the best hair style was so much that I would've styled my hair by then. 

I was happy to see this initiative taken by P&G, which not only saves time on internet searching for gorgeous hairstyles, but also the tutorials provided are in such a way, that I can braid or style the hair by my own without any hassle or anyone's help.

Based on the inspiration from the tips what I captured, I tried this on my own and this is the outcome. Though, it might not appear that great, here is my attempt at styling my hair... and the outcome is not as bad I thought. ;) I started with with hair serum that makes my hair smooth and healthy and then  braiding my hair till the end. I have fringes in the front, so that was left as it is. Then I put this beautiful hair design. Doesn't it look elegant?

Next time when someone shoots a question, 'How do you manage such beautiful hair styles', 'Give me some tips'. You know, I have my answers ready.

Visit https://www.rewardme.in/beauty/hair-care for hair care and styling tips.

“I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.”

Mane HoLige :: DVG Road

I was at the D.V.G Road during the weekend and my attention was caught by the crowd munching something from the paper plate, standing on the pavement in front of Mane HoLige.

Mane hoLige on DVG Road, Bangalore

HoLige is a traditional Karnataka sweet dish prepared during the festivals and special occasion. Though, yummy and mouth watering but takes efforts to prepare it. Mane hoLige, with a slogan "Live" hoLige, prepares the dish on spot in front of the customer and you will have the bisi bisi hoLige on your plate, relishing the dish. 
Live hoLige making @Mane hoLige, DVG Road, Bangalore
Mane hoLige offers with myriad range of hoLige like beLe(dal) hoLige, kaayi(coconut) hoLige, kharjoora(dates) hoLige, kova hoLige, gul kandh hoLige and the list goes on. The beLe hoLige is priced at Rs 12 which is affordable for the quality and taste they offer. Moreover, the place is hygiene. I have tasted these and have never missed buying the hoLige each time I visit DVG Road. Apart from hoLige, nipattu, chakli, koDbaLe, kajjaya are sold and these are typical evening snacks which every local loves to savour.
Here is the pamphlet I collected from the shop during my first visit. They offer the catering services based on your need. 

Lilith :: Book Review

Drafted: 11 July 2013

Title: Lilith

Author: N. Lalit

Price: Ebook Rs 164, Paperback: Rs 400

Publisher - Pulp Fiction

Genre: Fiction-Contemporary romance

ISBN: 978-93-5104-674-5 6

Availability - Amazon India, Kindle, Flipkart, Infibeam, Kobo etc.

Debashis Sahu, a young energetic artist arrives in Mumbai hoping to make a career in the field of art. He is ambitious of building a school for Patachitra, an art form from Oriss and not keen on making money. His close friend from hometown lives in Mumbai and had promised to provide accommodation to Sahu. But Sahu realizes he realizes how people change their attitude once they arrive in big cities like Mumbai, after his friend's wife argues why they should be accommodating Sahu while they were not living a luxury life.

Sahu does not give easily and spends his time in Mumbai visiting the chai shop and befriends the servers, frequent visitors and shop owner. He overhears fellow customers saying that the cheapest accommodation one could find is at the red light area of Kamathipura, near railway station. With no ulterior motive, he visits the place for the sake of getting an accommodation.

Sahu accidentally meets Sheetal, who is a business woman and has an upper hand in the field of art. Many artists had achieved a high status and recognition through her. Though, she initially is fond of Sahu, she is disturbed of the fact that, he is a handicap, with disability of limping. Sheetal, impressed with Sahu's paintings launches him as a star and earns huge profit. Ritu aka Ritwabhadra Munshi, works at Sheetal's office and is a caring person unlike Sheetal who is ready to do anything for the sake of money and men!

Ritu, an appreciator of art, encourages Sahu in his work. Meanwhile, they fall in love with each other.  I will stop here and let you discover the rest of the story yourself and how the title is linked to this. :)

The author, Lalit, whose name, I confuse with Lalith with a "h" suffixed. What I liked about this book is the story line and the connectivity, continuity and the flow and of course, excellent vocabulary and and grammar.

Verdict 4.5/5

This is an author requested review and the opinions are honest.