Dance with Dhamaka

You cannot stop tapping your feet at some tunes though you wish to get up and dance. Sometimes, we are so conscious that we hesitate to dance in front of others. Or we don't know how to dance and afraid others would laugh and make fun at us. Watch this new music video, Tazgi ka Dhamaka, starring Allu Arjun and DJ Anushka Manchanda, who make everyone dance at their tune, no matter you are trained dancer or not. Hands up, feet on the floor and you are all set to be the rock star of the evening. While Anushka sings, Allu Arjun dances, the music video is mind blowing and you realize the freshness all around you.

Here are the screenshots of the steps that impressed me the most. Allu Arjun's entry jumping off the the roof and makes an entry to the wedding hall bringing all the taaza freshness with him. 

As he makes an entry, he holds his shirt collar and easily makes a move and the entire crowd joins him and the women folks holding their saree pallu..

Anushka and Allu's hand gestures are in sync and look perfect for the tune. This is an step which can be learnt easily.
As he enters the corridor, he plays the Sheinai by twisting the hand kerchief a couple of times. 
Another simple move, where he lifts his hands and legs and the people around him start dancing along with him. It is a simple move, which can be performed by small kids and old people as well.

This is another move where he makes a quick move and the lady next to him follows the same step in sync with him. 
 Another twist and fast move.

The bride who was shy and sitting on the mantap with her eyes down, comes out of the mantap and dances along with Allu Arjun adding charm to the wedding ceremony. Again, notice the hand movement here.

The final concluding step is here, where Allu Arjun blows the roses with fragrance and freshness.

I liked the overall video, each and every step by Allu Arjun. I would be wrong if I missed any step, but these are some of my favorites one. 

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