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In our country, cricket is followed as a religious and whenever there is a cricket match going on, no one dares to miss it, especially the World Cup or even tri series. You name the match and there are fans who support the players all time, good or bad. Cricket, in our country, is much infectious than any cold or cough. :P You wouldn't mind skipping meals, go sleepless, bunk classes and even miss your exams and we women, wouldn't mind missing the hair spas for the sake of cricket. Though, there are Televisions everywhere these days, be it at a bus stand, railway station and even the companies these days arrange for large LED TV's at the cafeteria so that the employees could watch the cricket match wholeheartedly without any regret of missing the score. :) How sweet is that! But one cannot afford to sit at the cafeteria and watch the match whole day leaving the work and one cannot afford to take a day off and watch the cricket match at home. Mom would ask, 'No work at office? How come taken a day off today!' Sometimes, I would feel, if I had to take a day off and watch the match on my big LED TV at home, then why not go to the stadium and watch along with friends.

The smart phones play an important role in everyone's life. With just a click, touch, you can actually take a tour of Melbourne Cricket Ground without having to book a flight to Australia. While travelling, watching the match becomes very handy. Unlike few years ago, when we used to refresh the sports page only to get the score. with its innovative technology has made it easier for the sports lover, I would rather emphasize on the "Cricket" lovers to watch the match without any interruptions. I have downloaded the UC Browser on my smart device and must say that, watching the high speed live video streaming, is truly a bliss. The streaming is very quick and does not lag unlike the other browsers. You could watch the match, get the latest scores using UC Cricket and other updates. Here is a quick video on how fast the UC Browser works and our Yuvaraj Singh looks happy using the UC Browser as well.

Now, my worry about never missing a live score or watching few clips of the match on TV,which was already over, are all gone. With the high speed browser, I will be more than happy to watch the upcoming match on the smart device no matter at office or while on trek or travel. Happy to see such innovations coming up and making the cricket fans life even more easier.

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