Hair is the richest ornament of women

The hair is the richest ornament of women.
~Martin Luther

How apt is the above saying. Yes, we women consider the long hair as the the precious gift. And we definitely worry when we lose or start losing that precious. Lengthy hair is definitely a boon and maintaining a long hair, is a lifetime challenge. It makes me happy when known or unknown compliment, 'You have such a long hair'. I reply to them, 'Gee, thanks :).'

Most of us are particular choosing the Shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, spa parlour and hair styles and end up buying based on word of mouth advise or seeing reviews on internet. I came across this wonderful website from P&G for hair care,, with a huge range of tips and coverage for dandruff control, spa treatment, to control the spilt end, home remedies. the website offers more than 150 tried and tested procedures along with video tutorials which makes learning easier. 

Initially, I had to book an  appointment at a salon and wait for long hours to get my hair styled for an occasion, paying huge money to the parlour and end up paying credit card bills. To get rid of this eventually, I would spend hours together searching for tutorials on YouTube which had step by step instructions to style long hair without needing anyone's help. But the time required to search and chose the best hair style was so much that I would've styled my hair by then. 

I was happy to see this initiative taken by P&G, which not only saves time on internet searching for gorgeous hairstyles, but also the tutorials provided are in such a way, that I can braid or style the hair by my own without any hassle or anyone's help.

Based on the inspiration from the tips what I captured, I tried this on my own and this is the outcome. Though, it might not appear that great, here is my attempt at styling my hair... and the outcome is not as bad I thought. ;) I started with with hair serum that makes my hair smooth and healthy and then  braiding my hair till the end. I have fringes in the front, so that was left as it is. Then I put this beautiful hair design. Doesn't it look elegant?

Next time when someone shoots a question, 'How do you manage such beautiful hair styles', 'Give me some tips'. You know, I have my answers ready.

Visit for hair care and styling tips.

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