Lilith :: Book Review

Drafted: 11 July 2013

Title: Lilith

Author: N. Lalit

Price: Ebook Rs 164, Paperback: Rs 400

Publisher - Pulp Fiction

Genre: Fiction-Contemporary romance

ISBN: 978-93-5104-674-5 6

Availability - Amazon India, Kindle, Flipkart, Infibeam, Kobo etc.

Debashis Sahu, a young energetic artist arrives in Mumbai hoping to make a career in the field of art. He is ambitious of building a school for Patachitra, an art form from Oriss and not keen on making money. His close friend from hometown lives in Mumbai and had promised to provide accommodation to Sahu. But Sahu realizes he realizes how people change their attitude once they arrive in big cities like Mumbai, after his friend's wife argues why they should be accommodating Sahu while they were not living a luxury life.

Sahu does not give easily and spends his time in Mumbai visiting the chai shop and befriends the servers, frequent visitors and shop owner. He overhears fellow customers saying that the cheapest accommodation one could find is at the red light area of Kamathipura, near railway station. With no ulterior motive, he visits the place for the sake of getting an accommodation.

Sahu accidentally meets Sheetal, who is a business woman and has an upper hand in the field of art. Many artists had achieved a high status and recognition through her. Though, she initially is fond of Sahu, she is disturbed of the fact that, he is a handicap, with disability of limping. Sheetal, impressed with Sahu's paintings launches him as a star and earns huge profit. Ritu aka Ritwabhadra Munshi, works at Sheetal's office and is a caring person unlike Sheetal who is ready to do anything for the sake of money and men!

Ritu, an appreciator of art, encourages Sahu in his work. Meanwhile, they fall in love with each other.  I will stop here and let you discover the rest of the story yourself and how the title is linked to this. :)

The author, Lalit, whose name, I confuse with Lalith with a "h" suffixed. What I liked about this book is the story line and the connectivity, continuity and the flow and of course, excellent vocabulary and and grammar.

Verdict 4.5/5

This is an author requested review and the opinions are honest.

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