Mane HoLige :: DVG Road

I was at the D.V.G Road during the weekend and my attention was caught by the crowd munching something from the paper plate, standing on the pavement in front of Mane HoLige.

Mane hoLige on DVG Road, Bangalore

HoLige is a traditional Karnataka sweet dish prepared during the festivals and special occasion. Though, yummy and mouth watering but takes efforts to prepare it. Mane hoLige, with a slogan "Live" hoLige, prepares the dish on spot in front of the customer and you will have the bisi bisi hoLige on your plate, relishing the dish. 
Live hoLige making @Mane hoLige, DVG Road, Bangalore
Mane hoLige offers with myriad range of hoLige like beLe(dal) hoLige, kaayi(coconut) hoLige, kharjoora(dates) hoLige, kova hoLige, gul kandh hoLige and the list goes on. The beLe hoLige is priced at Rs 12 which is affordable for the quality and taste they offer. Moreover, the place is hygiene. I have tasted these and have never missed buying the hoLige each time I visit DVG Road. Apart from hoLige, nipattu, chakli, koDbaLe, kajjaya are sold and these are typical evening snacks which every local loves to savour.
Here is the pamphlet I collected from the shop during my first visit. They offer the catering services based on your need. 

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