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During my primary school days, my father introduced me to reading habit. As a result, I begun reading short stories from Lady Bird edition. Whenever I would visit the library, my attention was caught by cover page, Rapuzel with long hair and I wished to grow my hair longer. Out of curiosity I borrowed the book which was full of colorful pictures and as a kid, fell in love with the book. :D Each time, I wondered, Rapunzel's hair was not only long but very healthy such that her price charming would climb to the top of the tower holding on to her long hair as if it was a rope.

As I grew older, maintaining long hair become tough. I would follow the home remedies and avoid going to the parlor which use the chemical products in turn damaging my hair. Hair Straightening, blow drying, coloring, using compb with narrow tooth and not massaging Scalp with oil, are all the primary causes of hair fall. I came across this nice set of articles by P&G on their website  It is not only important to have a long hair, it is also important to have a healthy hair. Tips for healthy hair throughout the year. I found this link which emphasis on maintaining healthy hair and measures to be taken when you witness hair loss or dandruff.  Why I love this article the most compared to the other ones? It is because it focuses on what's affecting our hair on daily basis and how we tend to ignore or take the small tips for granted, which protect the hair in a long run.

I used to swim a lot, but not anymore, the reason because, the chlorinated water causes hair fall and greying. I begun to massage my hair with hot coconut oil and wear a swimming cap which reduced both. How do you protect your beautiful hair against the harmful UV rays during the summer.

I play lot of sports and after the work out, I find sweat all over Scalp and the solution is to braid it loose or pony tail not being too tight. The main culprit which causes the damaged hair is using the tools like a Straightener and curler and not to forget the hair dryer of higher capacity say 2000 watts.

Earlier, I used a narrow toothed comb which resulted in hair fall while I tried to remove the tangles. Always use wide toothed comb which is much safer.

Over washing your hair can also remove the natural oil. Try not to wash too frequently, not more than 2-3 times a week.

The split ends often make the hair look ugly and a better way to tackle is trimming the ends on a regular basis.

Last but not the least, eat healthy food that are rich in proteins like egg and vegetables. And sleep well leaving behind the tensions and worries.

I know its hard to switch from some habits but its not impossible. It goes without saying, you would have fine healthy hair and someone saying

Rapunzel, Rapunzel, let down your hair.

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