The sweet golden diet

All of us want to look perfect and often follow, the slimmer the better. We dream of wearing best clothes with slim fit and follow what not to achieve it. The most diet routine was the GM diet which was introduced by the employee of General Motors and everyone began following it. The craze of losing weight is common among women of all age to the cost of skipping healthy meals, eating less. The day I started GM diet, I begun to faint. The term 'diet' is often misunderstood that, only have to achieve slimmer look than having healthy food with proteins, vitamins, fat and carbohydrates. Too much intake of one over the other will have adverse effect on our body. Our everyday meal should include balanced diet with milk, eggs, fruits, vegetables.

Morning walk, aerobics, work out at the gym or sports of any kind, helps in shedding down the calories and we tend to avoid the high calorific food like potato chips, ice creams, smoothies, thinking that it would act as a spoil sport adding on to the calories which was burned down during the work out. Over the few years, I have become so calories conscious that I avoided adding sugar to coffee and tea and drink the strong coffee which had milk and coffee powder and even switched to green tea. I stopped having fruit juices outside which had high content of sugar and put a big No No to coca cola, Pepsi, fanta and frooti, that are rich in sugar. Eating ice cream or smoothie was once in an year! I would miss them a lot but to gain something, you have to lose something.

I came across Dabur Honey, which has been highly recommended by many fitness freaks for those who want to stay fit without having to give up the favorite food I always relished. Dabur recommends very simple procedure like adding honey instead of sugar. You can add sugar over the fruits as topping, same goes with smoothie. Add sugar to the hot water along with the lemon, stir it well and drink in the morning on empty stomach. This method has been followed by many and proved to be beneficial. Moreover, it hardly takes any time to prepare and can be a part of daily routine. I sometimes add honey to the hot lemon tea and it tastes yummy. The honey acts as a catalyst when we are trying to shed the weight.

It is also believed among old people that, when honey is fed to the new born everyday, it sharpens their tongue and the speech and pronunciation becomes perfect during their childhood.

Overall, the benefits of eating honey has a a great benefit in our daily routine. I have started my sweet golden diet with Dabur Honey, have you? #HoneyDietIsHere

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