ChitrapaTa :: Kannada play

Kannada play directed by Venkatesh Murthy.

The play kicks off with the story tellers who discuss amongst themselves what should they narrate which makes the audience head bow down with shame. Each of the four decide what story and finally agree to narrate the story of Ramayana. 

The storyteller narrate why Lakshmana cut Ravana's sister, Surpanakha's nose and how she instigates Ravana to abduct Sita. The ten headed Ravana becomes aggressive to an extent that he abducts Rama's wife Sita. Sita is kidnapped by Ravana, suffers separation from her dear husband, an exile in exile. 

A war between the good and the bad begins and Ravana's death marks Rama's victory but Sita undergoes **Agni Pariksha though Ravana never touched her.

 **Agni Pariksha - sacrifice in the fire. A ritual followed during old days to test the person truthfulness.

The story takes a twist when Sita's childhood friend Parvati praises Ravana before her. Who is Parvati and why does she appear after ages? Watch this beautiful enacted play.

Choosing the right ingredient

Choosing the right ingredient

A few years ago, I stayed away from my family in another country and this was the first time I was away from them. Having been a laadli beti, my mother never allowed me to do the household chores nor I had to worry about the cooking.

When I travelled overseas, I had taken with me the required utensils like pressure cooker, rice cooker, frying pan and other rasam, sambhar powder and chutney pudi. If I had to cook something, I would utilize the calling card which allowed me to talk as long as an hour and I would note down what vegetables, masala and kind of dal to prepare the food. My parents found it very funny when I would ask how that particular dal or leaf looked like. Is it a small dal or big dal, yellow or brown dal. What does leaf look like, when the integredients should be stirred. Should any water to be added or not? They would patiently answer all my questions.

I found cooking very interesting and expetimented whatever I could starting from lemon rice, believe me its the easiest to prepare with just Tadka, sprinkle lemon and mix rice and there you go. With the love for food, I learnt the South Indian, North Indian and Italian pasta and few other recipes. I was very happy that not only I learned what to add and how much quantity to prepare.

Back home, there are hectic times and lazy days where you get sick of eating the food you prepare or while you're home alone and no one to accompany you, you end up sleeping hungry or eating bread and jam.

While in a gang, going to restaurant and waiting for a table is again killer. You order a starter and main course and by the time, it arrives in front of you, the hunger dies.

When guests pop in during lunch without an invite, you are stuck as to what to cook last minute and can't even let them go. Once added more salt in a hurry and the guest couldn't eat the food at all.

TinyOwl is a fastest food ordering service in major cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Gurgoan and Pune, where you could order food from your Android or Apple device sitting at home. TinyOwl app provides a friendly user interface for browsing the recipe and restaurants, along with the chef details. I have installed the app on both android and apple devices and the navigation works fine. While you place an order, you can see the estimated delivery. And can search based on your current location.

If your lazy to cook breakfast, lunch and dinner or arranging a house party, or when guests pop in with a surprise. Just order the food on TinyOwl and enjoy your food for the day without worry.

Come, experience the fastest speed with Airtel 4G

What's the use of a high end smart when the internet connection you use doesn't come handy when you require it the most. I have been using high end devices like iPhone and Nexus for years now and found that the though the device supports latest LTE or the so called 4G connection, which is an upgrade to the existing 3G and most of the service providers had not launched it, all these years. Low speed internet is very annoying and we lose patience thinking we did we even spend so much on a high end phone. Or even throwing away your phone due to anger. I have faced this while using Google maps on phone boarding the auto rickshaw and taxi.  The app would still keep fetching the routes to the destination while I would have  reached the place asking the route from the passerby. The old auto's speed was much better than my internet speed and the auto driver would ask, "Your phone so slow? Still your phone doesn't show the destination".

Gone are the days when people would go home and download the movies, songs during the night since no one would internet. Now a days, everyone wants to download what they like just at a touch. Though I am not a movie buzz, I do watch and download the self learning video tutorials. The connection would sometimes disconnect and I had start the download again wasting so many MB and even GB many times ending up paying huge bills. :(

 Finally, Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in the country, with the best speed as LTE technology promised, nationwide rollout across 296 cities Airtel is offering 4G upgrade to their existing 3G customers free of cost at the same price as 3G connection. You can order and get a free 4G SIM card at your doorstep which is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G. That brings a wide smile on most of us. They are not only offering 4G connection for mobile users but also 4G wi-fi hotspot, 4G dongle and 4G wi-fi which is best suitable for home. It is definitely a blessing in disguise to the freelancers and travelers who share their experience via the social media on the go and have to meet the deadlines.

With so many options from Airtel to mobile users, on the go and home package. I would rather get connected to the WiFi, I can sit and Work From Home and finish off my work fast. Not only work from home, I can also work while I am traveling and with no risk of having the left over tasks. I am going to upgrade my plan to 4G connection soon.

Airtel is offering 4G plan to both postpaid and prepaid users. If you are a prepaid user use can still upgrade your plan to 4G. Find details here.

Airtel challenges to pay your mobile bills for free if you your network is faster. Are you ready for the challenge?

MY Cozy Little Room

Everyone dreams of owning a house these days and I dream of making my keeping my little cozy room clean and decorated as much as possible. I got my independent room solely for myself at 13 and ever since then its been my tiny tinsel world which has also served the purpose of guest room while I was away from home, partly store room to dump unused stuff. It's also been my music room where I practice my Veena, photographer's studio and reading room with over a hundred novels in the shelf. The more I try to arrange, I end up misplacing the stuff and end up wasting time searching for those items. I don't want to upload the picture of the room and scare you here. :)

Having visited my friends place and seen the latest interiors in the recent times, I wish my room would get a makeover to keep my valuable stuff organised and easily accessible, without having to search. The paint color on the wall, the curtains and the tiles on the floor should be matching and provide a soothing and a calming effect.

 Godrej Interio offers interior designing with their professional designers who realize your needs and come up with best solution for your home. They would understand my need of maintaining the things organized, such as a separate space to keep my music instruments like Veena and Keyboard, shelf to hold all my books - both read and unread, my small photo studio which houses the photography gears, camera body and the special lights, a table which is well lit for study and I could stuff all my souvenirs which I collected during my travel, a wardrobe to arrange the clothes, jackets and shoes for all seasons and occasions. A space for my clothes stand and iron stand where I dry and press  all my clothes...and a nice dressing table where I can place the makeup Kit, hair dryer and other stuff. It is space saving and nice to have foldable chair when my friends visit me.

Apart from this I need space to hang my huge 32 inches TV on the wall such that I can watch my favorite movies lying down on the cot. An adjustable light to read books while going to sleep is a must to have. Apart from these I would like to hang my Cuckoo Clock which I bought as memorabilia without nailing the wall. I would also like to have my travel postcards on the wall without having to glue them.

I know its not a tiny wish but its NOT an impossible task when you have professional designers for Godrej Interio who can solve any thing harder than a puzzle.

 “I am participating in the  Upload and Transform #HomeCanvas activity in association with Godrej Interio andBlogAdda. If you are not blogging, you can still be a part of this activity.Here’s how

RangiTaranga :: Kannada Movie Review

It's been ages I have watched a Kannada movie at a Cinema hall. Considering the quality of the Kannada movies, my interest was least and always preferred watching Kannada plays and TV serials though my mother tongue is Kannada.

The two movies were released on the same day  RangiTaranga and Bahubali across the entire state. Bahubali was my first choice seeing the trailers and moreover it was from the director of the previous hits which scored extremely at the box office: Magadheera and Eega. Bahubali faired well much beyond the audience expectation with the amazing settings and the well-woven screenplay and melodious music.

I watched RangiTaranga a week later, directed by entirely different crew. I wouldn't narrate the story here as I want you to watch the movie at a Cinema Hall and don't wish to be a spoil sport. The movie has lot of twists and twirls and you would cling on to the seat with your heart in your mouth until the truth is revealed. As the story continues, it leads to confusion but well connected and unfolds the hidden facts clearing the confusion. The director maintains the suspense until the end of the movie. The movie stars the newcomers Nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty and Radhika Chetan in the lead roles who have enacted well in their respective roles. It would be unfair if I don't mention Sai Kumar who adds spice to the story. The lyrics, music and the story theme go hand in hand. I loved all the songs written in "Achcha" Kannada words by the director, Anup Bhandari. 

All in all, a must watch movie to all the Kannada and non-Kannada speakers as it makes you realize that good movies are made in Kannada, too. The audience would highly appreciate the screenplay, cinematography and the choreography.