August Zotiqq Subscription Box

I came across Zotiqq Subscription box which exclusively provides the fashion jewelry that includes, necklace,earring, finger ring and bracelets. They offer three kinds of subscription package and I chose to order package costing Rs 1,500. Here is what I received from Zotiqq.

The items came in the navy blue colored carton packed with poplin cover.

The blue colored statement necklace was damaged and when I notified them, they exchanged it with a black colored necklace and pair of pearl earrings. 

I would prefer pair of blue earrings that matches with the blue bracket and finger ring. These pink earrings rather look cheap and unattractive.

I found Rs 1,500 for this subscription box isn't worth as I have seen few similar individual ones for lesser price. ..and I am not going to subscribe again.

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