Choosing the right ingredient

Choosing the right ingredient

A few years ago, I stayed away from my family in another country and this was the first time I was away from them. Having been a laadli beti, my mother never allowed me to do the household chores nor I had to worry about the cooking.

When I travelled overseas, I had taken with me the required utensils like pressure cooker, rice cooker, frying pan and other rasam, sambhar powder and chutney pudi. If I had to cook something, I would utilize the calling card which allowed me to talk as long as an hour and I would note down what vegetables, masala and kind of dal to prepare the food. My parents found it very funny when I would ask how that particular dal or leaf looked like. Is it a small dal or big dal, yellow or brown dal. What does leaf look like, when the integredients should be stirred. Should any water to be added or not? They would patiently answer all my questions.

I found cooking very interesting and expetimented whatever I could starting from lemon rice, believe me its the easiest to prepare with just Tadka, sprinkle lemon and mix rice and there you go. With the love for food, I learnt the South Indian, North Indian and Italian pasta and few other recipes. I was very happy that not only I learned what to add and how much quantity to prepare.

Back home, there are hectic times and lazy days where you get sick of eating the food you prepare or while you're home alone and no one to accompany you, you end up sleeping hungry or eating bread and jam.

While in a gang, going to restaurant and waiting for a table is again killer. You order a starter and main course and by the time, it arrives in front of you, the hunger dies.

When guests pop in during lunch without an invite, you are stuck as to what to cook last minute and can't even let them go. Once added more salt in a hurry and the guest couldn't eat the food at all.

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