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What's the use of a high end smart when the internet connection you use doesn't come handy when you require it the most. I have been using high end devices like iPhone and Nexus for years now and found that the though the device supports latest LTE or the so called 4G connection, which is an upgrade to the existing 3G and most of the service providers had not launched it, all these years. Low speed internet is very annoying and we lose patience thinking we did we even spend so much on a high end phone. Or even throwing away your phone due to anger. I have faced this while using Google maps on phone boarding the auto rickshaw and taxi.  The app would still keep fetching the routes to the destination while I would have  reached the place asking the route from the passerby. The old auto's speed was much better than my internet speed and the auto driver would ask, "Your phone so slow? Still your phone doesn't show the destination".

Gone are the days when people would go home and download the movies, songs during the night since no one would internet. Now a days, everyone wants to download what they like just at a touch. Though I am not a movie buzz, I do watch and download the self learning video tutorials. The connection would sometimes disconnect and I had start the download again wasting so many MB and even GB many times ending up paying huge bills. :(

 Finally, Airtel 4G is the first telecom operator to roll out 4G services in the country, with the best speed as LTE technology promised, nationwide rollout across 296 cities Airtel is offering 4G upgrade to their existing 3G customers free of cost at the same price as 3G connection. You can order and get a free 4G SIM card at your doorstep which is just a tweet away - #GetAirtel4G. That brings a wide smile on most of us. They are not only offering 4G connection for mobile users but also 4G wi-fi hotspot, 4G dongle and 4G wi-fi which is best suitable for home. It is definitely a blessing in disguise to the freelancers and travelers who share their experience via the social media on the go and have to meet the deadlines.

With so many options from Airtel to mobile users, on the go and home package. I would rather get connected to the WiFi, I can sit and Work From Home and finish off my work fast. Not only work from home, I can also work while I am traveling and with no risk of having the left over tasks. I am going to upgrade my plan to 4G connection soon.

Airtel is offering 4G plan to both postpaid and prepaid users. If you are a prepaid user use can still upgrade your plan to 4G. Find details here.

Airtel challenges to pay your mobile bills for free if you your network is faster. Are you ready for the challenge?

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