RangiTaranga :: Kannada Movie Review

It's been ages I have watched a Kannada movie at a Cinema hall. Considering the quality of the Kannada movies, my interest was least and always preferred watching Kannada plays and TV serials though my mother tongue is Kannada.

The two movies were released on the same day  RangiTaranga and Bahubali across the entire state. Bahubali was my first choice seeing the trailers and moreover it was from the director of the previous hits which scored extremely at the box office: Magadheera and Eega. Bahubali faired well much beyond the audience expectation with the amazing settings and the well-woven screenplay and melodious music.

I watched RangiTaranga a week later, directed by entirely different crew. I wouldn't narrate the story here as I want you to watch the movie at a Cinema Hall and don't wish to be a spoil sport. The movie has lot of twists and twirls and you would cling on to the seat with your heart in your mouth until the truth is revealed. As the story continues, it leads to confusion but well connected and unfolds the hidden facts clearing the confusion. The director maintains the suspense until the end of the movie. The movie stars the newcomers Nirup Bhandari, Avantika Shetty and Radhika Chetan in the lead roles who have enacted well in their respective roles. It would be unfair if I don't mention Sai Kumar who adds spice to the story. The lyrics, music and the story theme go hand in hand. I loved all the songs written in "Achcha" Kannada words by the director, Anup Bhandari. 

All in all, a must watch movie to all the Kannada and non-Kannada speakers as it makes you realize that good movies are made in Kannada, too. The audience would highly appreciate the screenplay, cinematography and the choreography.

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