A decade of blogging

On this auspicious day, my dearest blog completes a decade. Not just a journal but a true friend who has been with me through thick and thin. There were times when I would sit late night and fill up the blank pages and at times I felt like not writing a single word. As I count the total posts, the outnumbered drafts lying with one liners eagerly are awaiting to be released and I pledge to publish them.

While I look at the first two posts I penned ten years ago, it seems so amateur and childish. Thank you for being such a wonderful mate and hope to continue the friendship forever.

It has been a delight to meet wonderful people via this stupendous platform. It's not one or two, there are many who painstakingly read, commented and complimented. Blogger meets, contests, blog sale, book tours and pestering friends to click the Adsense even if the post did not make any sense. 

If you have a minute or two, do visit and say "Happy Birthday to you". 

P.S. Loyalty with Blogger continues... 


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