A dive into the golden hill

Sundays are happy days. As a brat, I would wait the whole week to watch my favorite cartoon show, Walt Disney's Duck Tales, on DoorDarshan channel. I would wake up early, brush my teeth, drink horlicks and sit right in front of the Television at 10 AM. Uncle Scoorge, the elder Duck was and is favorite character. He was a rich man whose nephews came in to stay with him. Though a strict uncle, he was, he was very amicable and jovial person. The spectacle glasses he wore always appeared as though they would slip off his nose if he looked down. The pride with which he walked as a majesty highness is adorable. The most unforgettable moment of the show was when Uncle Scoorge would get into the secret door which had uncountable gold coins and seemed to be a Himalayas made out of yellow metal and he would dive into it. 😀 How I was he was "my" Uncle too in reality and everyday would've been a Sunday, in my life.

Given a chance, I would spend a day with Uncle Scoorge, I would carefully ask for his advise on how to become Ms Billionarie and safeguard it. It's not only important to save the monies but it is equally important to splurge on luxury. I would definite make Uncle dine along in the posh restaurants and dive into the sea of waters. I shall also acknowledge him, how much I adored him ever since I was a child and how did he manage those naughty grandnephews. 

Last but not the least, I will ask his permission to dive into his golden hill.

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