Happy birthday, my old man

"Next week is my birthday and remember to wish me", "Where is my present on my special day", my old man would interrogate a week prior. 

He was always excited to celebrate his birthday. It's the same enthusiasm I see in the kids pestering their parents to celebrate bringing large cake and gifts. Though he grew an year older, he was always young and energetic. The repeated memorandum prompted my mother and me would giggle telling him that he was behaving like a five year old kid and that would upset him, "so what? Think what you like!"

On his special day, I would wish him during the midnight and in return, I was given a chocolate. He ensured that the celebration was a secret otherwise his friends would demand him a treat causing a huge hole in his pocket.

This time, there has been no memorandum from him unlike yester years but I am still the first one to be reminded and wish him during the midnight. There have been times, I had forgotten to wish inspite of umpteen reminders at times and it saddened him.

Even if there is no reminder here after, I shall be the first to greet you and relish the chocolate. 

No more to pen.

Miss you

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