McCain's Crispy snacks

I am a foodie and I don't regret confessing so. While I love to eat all varieties of food in my vegetarian diet, I worry I shouldn't gain fat and cholesterol which cause obesity and health hazard. I have abstained from eating rich oily food and potatoes. It's a taboo that the potatoes cause weight gain, so on and so forth.

Most fast food restaurants including McDonald and KFC are popular among the kids and teens for the french fries and potato wedges. It worries me what kinda oil they use while frying these high calorific food and have stayed away from fast food restaurants for a long time now.

It is hard to resist the temptations and you can't ignore the fried food 365 days. McCain India provides a wide range of lip smacking ready to cook and eat products. The products are cholesterol and trans-fat free and pre-cooked in vegetable oil. They offer frozen packed food such as French Fries, Smiles, Potato Nuggets, Super Wedges, Veggies Burger Patties, Aloo tikki, Cheese and JalapeƱo, Potato Cheese Shotz. 

It is interesting to learn, that, potato contain 45%  of daily value for Vitamin C. It's also used a breakfast for Day 2 of the popular GM Diet.

I would love to prepare the Potato Wedges while at home and it is the easiest snack that I could without following any instructions.

1. Fry the potatoes in a pan containing oil
2. Add a pinch of salt 
3. Serve with Cheese Dip.

I would also enjoy preparing the Burger using the Veggie Burger Patty. 

1. Sliced bun
2. Chopped lettuce leaf
3. Sliced tomatoes ( one tomato)
4. Sliced onions ( one onion)
5. McCain veggie patty
6. Curd Sour sauce if you're vegetarian

How to prepare:
1. Fry the veggie patty on a non stick pan
2. Add the stuffings in between the sliced bun : onions, white sauce, tomatoes and the patty.

Your burger is ready. 

I enjoy the evening snacks and see how easy it is to prepare. 

With McCain's lip smaking products, anyone would enjoy a sumptuous food at home.

Have a look at  to choose what fits you best and don't worry about extra cholesterol. 

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