The Human Touch

"Our times were much better when we grew up", claims my mother while I stare at my smart phone, without a blink, at the dining table than looking at the dishes on the plate, without appreciating the effort she has taken to prepare the food for me.

While I compare the my childhood days to the present day, there has been such a drastic advancement in the technology. No one could imagine, a smart phone could be smarter than you are and gain the control of your life. We have become slaves of the technology and truly admit the fact that life was simpler and "happier"during childhood days. What we miss is the "Real Togetherness" and the "Human Bonding" is seen in the form of emails, whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter updates.

A few years ago, I met a lady at Singapore MRT station who was kind and helped me reach the destination safe. After reaching my hometown, I sent her a postcard, thanking her. She has still preserved that card with so much care, that, I had forgotten about the card I sent. She wouldn't have been happier as much as receiving a postcard than receiving an email. That was the instance when I understood, how small gestures could make big difference in the mean world.

To me happiness lies in bringing people together. 

  • Have dinner with family members and appreciate the food your mother or spouse has prepared for you. And make a note to turn off the TV during dinner.
  • Sipping coffee together and gossiping about movie stars. 
  • Watching a movie at a Cinema Hall with friends.
  • Going for trek and hike together.
  • Invite your Neighbours home to catch a glimpse of dolls that your arranged during Dasara festival.
  • Send handmade greeting cards during the new year and festivals. 
  • Arrange a potluck party at home and invite relatives and mandate that every family should get a dish of their choice.
  • Hold a book reading session, flip through the pages and bookmark the last read page using peacock feather. 
  • Arrange for Garba on your terrace and try the new steps.
  • Attend a musical concert together.
  • Smile, everyday, when you see your acquaintance rather than looking at your phone.
  • Arrange a get together with your school and surprise your teacher that you still remember her, narrating all the incidents of punishments and how much you disliked standing outside am the class.
  • Go on a picnic, pack your favorite meal and share it with your group.
  • Go on weak or jog with your Neighbour everyday.
  • Watch an old golden movie like Sholay on your big screen, lights off, dolby sound, pop corn and Coke. 
  • Go on a long drive together.
  • Lend your shoulders to a friend in distress, jaadu ki jappi is a great stress buster.

Last but the not the least, take time off from commenting, liking and stalking on Facebook. Before it is too late, get on your toes and start meeting old buddies and people who made a lasting impact on your life. 

A thoughtful video from Kissanpur worth watching on how human touch has priceless value that technology can never buy.

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