A Sunday Treat

Sunday O Sunday! How I wish it was everyday. I reluctantly open my eyes, the clock strikes eleven and the Sun shines the brightest. I wouldn't worry waking early and hitting the treadmill. All I have to worry is burning the extra calories eating ice cream yet I merrily relax. That's my perfect Sunday Treat.

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Crabtree & Evelyn :: Lily eau de toilette

Crabtree & Evelyn Lily Eau De Toilette 100 ml body mist is one of the best sprays I have used till now. This is my second body mist from Crabtree & Evelyn and I wouldn't regret splurging Ra 1,900 for 100 ml bottle which lasts less than a month.

The lovely logo imprint on top of the carton.

The scent is that of lily and is truly breathtaking. The lily has been blended with dewy greens, woodland masses, musk and ylang ylang, as CE claims. 

I loved the fragrance and is prefect for any occasion. 
Small and handy.

Expensive but worth the money.
Doesn't last long.

Overall verdict: 4/5

Wedding dresses from Wishesbridal

Wedding is a big day in a bride's life and it is definitely a memorable event to the bride's mother. While the bride decks up in the white flowing dresses, her mother loves to enjoy the day wearing the best outfit. It reminds of her wedding, flashback to few decades.

To fulfill every mother's wish, Wishesbridal, online wedding dress store, has launched the Mother of the Bride dresses. They have a wide range of satin, velvet, chiffon materials. She can chose from short or long dress, with or without sleeves, perfect fitting or gown.

For the modern mom's, I found lace mother of the bride dresses and mother of the bride dresses with sleeve very sexy and hot. ;)

Hot Fuchsia is a must for every women. I love this knee length pink dress with an elegant hat.
Formal V Neck Knee Length Hot Pink Lace Sheath Column Mother Of The Bride Dress With Jacket

I adore this soft color with the lace and perfect fitting dress. 

The golden long dress with the stunning work. Definitely an eye raiser

The bright and cheerful purple knee length dress makes the mom look younger.
As their name suggest, Wishesbridal, not only fulfills brides wish but also her mother's wish of choosing best dress within budget.

Wishesbridal is a reliable and famous brand in this industry. We have been in the business of wedding dresses and occasion dresses for many years. We provide popular style, high quality and custom-made service of the dresses for every customer. The store has its own factory and experienced workers. The workers could make the dresses for every customer as their own requests. We focus to make good quality dresses at a cheap price for our customers.
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Evening Dresses from Dressleaderau

Your best friend has thrown a party and you are worried as what to chose from the wardrobe full of clothes. Evening parties are memorable events to meet the near and dear ones and it is equally important to carry ourselves with perfection in makeup, hairstyle, dress, wellies and purse.

When it comes to choosing a dress, it should be a perfect fitting dress and yet comfortable. It would be awkward to adjust the dress every now and then during a party. No body wants to get noticed that way either. Dressleaderau is an online store that offers gorgeous long dresses for evening parties. Their store has a myriad range of dresses for all occasions and the cloth material like satin, silk, chiffon, velvet, netted cloth with the delicate lace work. Not only they are beautiful but they are affordable and pocket friendly.

Dressleaderau offers bright eye catchy long flowing dress for evening wear and the cheap formal dresses Australia, are a few which I loved the most.

1. Perfect fitting Floor Length Champagne Illusion Appliques Trumpet Mermaid Formal Dress

2. Deep neck Lace Floor Length Plum Sweetheart A Line Formal Dress

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3. Chiffon High Low Burgundy Sweetheart A Line Formal Dress with a slit.

4. The Soft Peach - Flowing Chiffon Floor Length Coral V Neck A Line Formal Dress

Aren't they beautiful and attractive? 

Wanna see more evening dresses? Have a look at the Cheap Long Formal Dresses and Cheap Formal Dresses Australia.

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A dive into the sea waters

In the middle of Great Barrier Reef, the beautiful corals in South Pacific Ocean, I was screaming and trying to float wearing the life jacket after I fell from a terrific banana boat ride. The waves were so mighty that the currents pulled me in the direction opposite. Helpless, I was shouting for help and the salt water found a passage down my throat. The team that ran the water sports was angry discovering the fact that none of us on the boat could swim.

"You guys can't even swim and wanna try adventures!!!" the captain of the boat, yelled at us.

A week later, I enrolled into the swimming classes but still feared taking a dip into the pool. My batch mates were kind enough to teach me each stroke and imbibe "I can do it" attitude and we practiced every day. Soon, my fear begun to vanish and I loved to dive into the water, relax whilst floating.

Come, let's hop on to the surf board and shoo off the fear.

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Height of a mountain and depth of a sea

Ever fallen on the street glaring at the limitless sky? When we stand up wounded, we regret if we had walked observing the street, we wouldn't have fallen.

We ambitious gogetters always aim to achieve dreams and work hard day and night. We forget the small things that fetch happiness into our lives. How many of us are truly contended and happy with what we have? The answer to this question is hard to say. We climb the mountain of achievements and someday we fall into the ocean.

My father taught me this secret to happiness; to be satisfied with what you have than brooding over things we don't have... and this has been the major lesson I have learnt.

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A family tree of engineers

Most of my cousins are engineers. If I scribble a family tree with my ancestors and name their professions, most are either engineers or teachers. I have a high respect to the teachers but I wasn't inclined or fascinated to chose teaching as a profession and thus chose to be an engineer. My father and uncles are also engineers in the field of electrical, automobile, civil and mechanical but I am a computer engineer as it has been trending today. My cousins and friends work at a software company. Apart from software, there are hardware, network, design engineers. With vivid specializations, the engineering stream has umpteen branches.

The family genetics passes on to the generations, you see!

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Softwareentwicklung, I read aloud without understanding what it meant when I was thirteen year old holding my father's friend's business card. Uncle, as I addressed him with great respect since he was on a vacation to India from Germany and appeared a German. I was struggling to follow his English accent and felt as though I met a celebrity who still remembered his good old friend after having lost contact and spending more than a decade in the Deutschland.

"Uncle, what does soft-wa-reeen-twik-lung, mean? I have never heard that before."

"It means Software Engineer in German."

He was an Electrical Engineer by education but Softwareentwicklung by profession employed in Nuremberg in 1990's. He explained how the life is different from here and his supper would end by 6.30 in the evening. Having worked on the computers throughout the day, he looked gigantic measuring beyond 6 feet! He drove to work on his convertible BMW. The photographs from Germany looked fascinating and it is a home to the world class automobiles: Audi, Mercedez, BMW, to name a few. He bid a good-bye the next day and wrote a letter enclosing six Deustche Mark coins that are an addendum to my numismatics collection.

Whenever I look at the coins from the distant land, it reminds me how I admired the software job during the teens and glad that I am a Softwareentwicklung, its been close to a decade now.

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The Penguins Parade

I was less than ten year old when my attention was dragged by the huge flightless species called Penguins. It was during my parents visit to their acquaintance, the little ones were playing with the toy which would come down all the way from the hill and the plateau looked like roller coaster rails.

"What is this peculiar toy called?"

"Its the tenguin", said the little one who was keying it.

"Who got it for you?"

"My uncle brought it all the way from America in flight!"

I questioned my father, why none of the zoos at Mysore or Bangalore did not own them and I had faint memories of never seeing it. He convinced me that they delve in the colder regions like Arctic region or Antarctica. Penguin was a bird which could never fly though it had wings. It would swim in the waters with the long wings and preyed on the fish. It had a rich navy blue fur mistaken to be black. They female penguins would dive into the oceans in search of food and come back home with their community members during the dusk whilst the male penguins would guard home.

I was eagerly waiting for this sophisticated toy to arrive home but it never did. But I am blessed to watch them dive into the Pacific Ocean and bring home the food holding tight in their beak, huffing and puffing after a tiring swim making stone cracking squawk; in a disciplined queue.

Thanks to the Australia and New Zealand government who has strictly undertaken the preventive measures to protect these species that the penguin hunting has been banned for a years now or they would have been extinct like the African Dodo.

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Noviembre Blogging Challenge

I have signed up the writing challenges for Noviembre. Every time I signed up, I would stop midway though I had uploaded the eye catchy logos on the scroll bar. So this time, I had made up my mind to flaunt off the writing challenges logos when I cross the finish line. But had to include them as a link back to continue further posts.
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