Every man's memory is his private literature.

"Every man's memory is his private literature". ~Aldous Huxley

The good memories bring happiness and the best smile and bad memories bring us tears and agony! But all of us want to erase the so called unhappy ones and remember only those which make us cheerful.

During the vacations, all the three of us, mom, dad and me would travel together. If mom decided to stay home, dad and I would go around. I was always surprised by his stamina that he did not get tired inspite of walking long distances and how I wish I would be as strong as him. Though he is no more today, the best memories spent during good times, haunt, when a person is missing and their absence felt is immeasurable and indeed painful.

A promise is a cloud; fulfillment is rain

Like they say, Marriage is all about "Two imperfect people to make a perfect living", loads of compromises and adjustments come in each others path. And that's what life is about? It's not just women who have been compromising and sacrificing their dreams and wishes, its now the time, women demand from their better half and many men convince their partners accomplishing the tough task.

If I had to demand, then I would ask him to be patient and calm without freaking out, while I shop online or shop outside. There isn't any stress buster like shopping to women, as boozing for men. We love to spend monies on the best after examining a few shops and brands; just the way you guys would love to chose the best women after meeting many. Its as synonymous as that but you never catch the gist.

I love morning filter coffee and I would be more than happy if you prepare coffee in the morning. I would never ask for Starbucks coffee if you prepare a filter coffee everyday.