Face of Australia :: Liquid Eyeliner

The first time I found Made in Australia product was the cosmetic brand, Face of Australia. I bought a liquid eyeliner from this brand for as low as AUD 8.85 from Priceline, probably the only brand and the ONLY local brand which sells at an affordable cost while compared to others.

The liquid eyeliner weighs 3ml or 0.25 fl oz. I liked the design of the eyeliner bottle. The long lid allows me to hold it easy and draw the apply the liquid easily. I have used many eyeliners which have small lids and it is quite difficult to hold.

The first thing I loved is the long thin brush and the nozzle gives an excellent finishing, be it thick or thin.
Does not cause any irritation. Lasts long until you wash your face or eyes.
Easy to apply very thin lines.

Has a friendly "Price" tag 

I didn't find any drawbacks.

Verdict: 4.5/5

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