Mowgli's Boomerang

Every child is fascinated to watch the cartoons and why not they bring so much creativity in them. Especially when you listen to the animals converse with each other, share happiness and sadness, emotions unlike, we, human beings. Amidst all the animals in the forest, so called Jungle, the word also adopted by English dictionary, there is a brave boy who has been brought by the animals and firmly believes they are his parents. After watching the Jungle Book, when I would go out for walks or see other animals on the street, I would think, why these animals aren't talking like us, just like the ones with Mowgli. Mowgli must be a special boy that the converse with him alone and we are just ordinary that they talk to each other in coded language and share secrets to themselves. 

The bonding shown between the naughty boy, Mowgli and his relationship the animals  is tremendous. Bhalu, the bear, was another character which I admired due to its honesty. Sher Khan, the tiger would always challenge the young boy but also teach him the survival methods. The older, the wiser you're to advise the young. I always loved and even love the title song "Jungle jungle paTa Chala hain, chadi pehenke phool khila hain.." As a child, I had the same addiction to Jungle Book, the way the kids these days are crazy to watch Chota Bheem! My Sunday mornings were spent right in front of the TV without even brushing the teeth and my mother would always scold. Even during the clash tests and exams, Jungle Book were a part of study time and I would obviously receive extra scoldings, "Are they going to ask what you watched on TV yesterday? Better focus and study." But watching Mowgli's adventures with his so called loyal wooden weapon, "Boomerang", that would return to him, no matter how far he was, was always astonishing. I would also wonder how Mowgli survived the varying climatic conditions of the forest without any clothes.

Best thing I loved was the boomerang and my father would say that the boomerangs were available only in Australia and it is Australia's souvenir. Fortunately, Australia is the first foreign land I stepped and always reminds of Mowgli's Boomerang. Every time I noticed a boomerang, the song would play on my mind, "jungle jungle pata chala hain.."

The boomerang fridge magnets

Boomerangs - souvenir of Australia

Watch this video which refreshes the old memories of 90's and brings back the child in you.

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