The National Opal Collection, Sydney

The National Opal Collection, an Opal museum, located at Pitt St, Sydney, situated at the first floor. The museum is open from 9 AM until 6 PM, 7 days a week and the entry is FREE!

Entrance of the Opal Museum, Pitt St - Sydney
As I entered, my attention was caught the Evolution of Opals, huge dinasaurs, bones of various shapes. It has been a well known fact, that opals were extracted from stones however I was never of this interesting fact that the Opals were also extracted from dinasaur bones.

The Haul posts

I must say, I am now addicted to writing the "Haul" posts as my shopping bucket is growing day by day. I step out of the house with "NO" intentions of buying and repeat the mantra on my mind- "No shopping this month, already have a high expenditure." But heart has a different mantra - "Just this one time, c'mmon baby!" I have decided to come up with the "Haul" posts to make a note of my Shopping Cart and believe me, you're not going to get bored reading these posts. Hope you enjoy reading these posts as much as I enjoy writing them.

What's your shopping mantra? Have your ever faced the same mind and heart mantra? Do share in your comments.

Color Run

My first Color Run in Sydney was memorable and delightful. Having seen so many banners and videos of color runners, I registered online for color run on a Sunday. It was a bright and sunny day and I was ready for the crazy color splash. It was a huge crowd at the venue and there wasn't a timing nor it a race. Some ran, some walked, while some danced. Colors are made using non-toxic, corn starch, friendly colors. The colors are soft and non-allergitic, when you wash clothes, colors go off at a single wash.
Before the start of event

Hello from Perth, Good Bye Sydney

Dear Sydney,

Thank you for all the love and affection you showered upon me. It's time to move on and yes, I would surely miss all the good times I had in the lovely city and amicable people, commuting on trains and ferries, visiting myriad restaurants and coffee shops, film festivals, westfield for shopping!

Hasta la vista with a heavy heart, the same feeling I had while leaving Melbourne. But I'm sure Perth would treat me great!


Follow your own star

At times, it is difficult to make a decision. Talk to friends and here, you have umpteen suggestion leading to further complications. So when in dilemma, just Follow your own star.

Sometimes, you win.
Sometimes, you learn.
This is my bracelet charm for self motivation amidst difficult times. :)


Ichiban Boshi :: Japanese Restaurant

Being a vegetarian, it is difficult to find the vegetarian food without egg and meat at Japanese restaurants. While placing an order, I ensure that the food does not contain any egg or meat. Ichiban Boshi, the Japanese takeaway outlet at Town Hall station had two displays of vegetarian food with rice and vegetable curry. Initially, I was skeptical what to order during my first visit to this place along with bunch of colleagues who highly recommended this place but they always preferred fish or chicken here.

The place is always crowded as it is situated within the station and the mall but still you would find a place to sit and enjoy your lunch. One may find many other take away outlets around. Though crowded, Ichiban's service is quick and the food tastes good without compromising the quality.

There are two options that a vegetarian could order and I ordered the vegetable curry with rice that costs $ 10. This is what it looks like. I love the pickle on the right top of beans, that they provide with the meals.


Ceylon Tea from Sri Lanka

Bandaranaike International Airport is a huge airport at Sri Lankan Capital City, Colombo. I was here in March 2016 during a transit for 3 hours. The statue of Lord Buddha reminds of peace and calmness. The board in yellow is for everyone to show respect to the Lord by not showing their back and posing for the photograph with Buddha behind them.

Flying with SriLankan Airlines

My first flying experience with Sri Lanka Airlines in March 2016 was good. It was a company provided Economy class flight ticket and I was skeptical how comfortable the seat would be and more important was the food as its the long way from Bangalore => Colombo => Kuala Lumpur (KL) => Sydney with a 24 hour transit. From KL, Lankan airways have an alliance with Malaysian Airlines.