Flying with SriLankan Airlines

My first flying experience with Sri Lanka Airlines in March 2016 was good. It was a company provided Economy class flight ticket and I was skeptical how comfortable the seat would be and more important was the food as its the long way from Bangalore => Colombo => Kuala Lumpur (KL) => Sydney with a 24 hour transit. From KL, Lankan airways have an alliance with Malaysian Airlines.

The hospitality was great and the air hostess was very responsive to all the passenger requests. The seats are slightly different from Malaysian, Thai or Singapore airways but comfortable and relaxing. I missed to click a picture of the seating and leg spacing though.

Menu card by Sri Lankan Airlines 
I did an online web check in after I received my air tickets and had opted for vegetarian meals. When I was served the meals on fights, I was truly delighted to see the meal course containing a slice of pizza, paneer tikka and a samosa along with salad and fruits.

A passenger sitting aside requested for another course of meal and the airlines had sufficient stock of food that made the passenger merry.
Vegetarian food by Sri Lankan Airlines

Lanka is popular for Ceylon Tea and I could not ask for anything else apart from Ceylon Tea. First time "coffee" did not pass through my heart. :(

Overall, I had a pleasant experience with Sri Lankan Airlines. As they have an alliance with Malaysian Airlines, I was unaware of the fact and was not provided any meals by Malaysian Airlines from Kuala Lumpur. If you book a ticket via Lankan, then ensure that the alliance partner airways has recorded your request for food and seating.


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